Caught Reading Summer 2017

If you catch any Manchester students summer reading, send their photos and descriptions to

Hillside Middle Schooler Kellan Barbie and Smyth Road student Nicholas Barbie caught "Summer Reading" at the Manchester City Library!

Jackson is headed to 4th grade at Green Acres! He loves being a Cricket !!

She's reading Third Grade Mermaid-

​Emme says she loves this book because it is funny and has many humorous parts!

She's going to be in 4th Grade at HGF!

Jewett St Tigers, Barrett (1st grade) and Liam (3rd grade) picking up their weekly reading.

A 5th grader at Parker-Varney has been very busy learning this summer!

Shea and Kali, Green Acres Crickets, at the City Library! #Booked4summer

Jewett St Tiger, Barrett(1st grader), just hanging out at the library.

This PV Panther spent her rainy day learning at the Manchester Public Library and Amoskeag Fishways !

Maggie Dubois and her grandmother visited Gossler Park today during the Open Library time! She has read 39 books so far this summer!

Summer Fun Reading Program (Grades 3-5)- Weston School. Students are engaged in literature circles! We love summer reading!

Literacy Camp at Fun in Sun. These girls are #BOOKED4SUMMER

So much fun at the Stark Park Read-Aloud!

Thank you Kristine Pelletier for sharing some of your favorite read aloud books at Stark Park! Watch for another read aloud date in August. Hope to see you there!

These PV Panthers are hard at work on a Monday morning at Livingston Park!

Lots of learning taking place at Livingston Park!

Eoin and Greyer enjoy summer hours at Green Acres Library.

Jack and Abby Proulx, Green Acres Crickets reading during the school's summer open library time.

Caught reading at Green Acres!

Zachary spent some time visiting Green Acres' library today and came home with more books to read.

"Adventure is just a page away ...!"

Sophia is enjoying open library time at McDonough School!

Kieran Fitzpatrick caught reading at Northwest Elementary!

Julyan Sharpe from Northwest Elementary checks out a book at the West Side Library!

West Side Fun in the Sun - Word Wall Learning!

Green Acres Cricket ...Taking a break from the beach to do some reading on vacation!

Students from Jewett Street School "Caught Reading" on the river in Arm's Park !

Getting lost in a book in between games at a softball tournament. (Parkside)

Brissa, Camron and Bryn Cooper enjoying the open library at Mcdonough.

Left: Jackson Vachon of Smyth Road School reading in the park. Right: Cooper Vachon of Jewett reading in the park.

Jackson and Cooper enjoying another Booked for Summer event at the SEE Science Center.

Cloudy, summer days are very busy at the Gossler Park Library!

Caeden Forsing and Sophia Leonard doing some summer reading at the McDonough Library.

Desi Hossfeld from Smyth Road is taking a break at home to relax and read!

Did you celebrate Harry Potter's Birthday ? Miss Ashley (Parker-Varney) and her daughter are #Booked4Summer celebrating his birthday by reading the first Harry Potter book!

Sean and Eughan Range Caught Reading at Northwest's Summer Library.

Logan loves reading the Notebook of Doom Series.

Zach just got into reading Goosebumps books.

Trevor building a Dino after reading the Dino book.

Sya from Jewett learning in the park.

Learning can be so much fun at Girls at Work! These PV girls are showing off all their hard work!

Julia Hlasny of Smyth Rd School literally "caught" reading in a giant spider web at Oak Park.

Jason from Parker-Varney reading "The very busy spider" at the Massabesic Audubon Center.

Tommy (5th) & Colin (1st) from Smyth Rd School enjoy reading by the pool. Tommy likes reading spooky campfire stories and Colin enjoys reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants books.

Jason & Kennedy from PV enjoyed another fun night of reading at Stark Park!

#Booked4Summer at Stark Park. Thank you for story time, Mrs. Pelletier!

Rylie DesRochers reading by the pool...#Booked4summer

A student from Smyth checks out the new Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield, MA.

Summer Reading Reflections - Highland Goffe's Falls