Caught Reading 2019

If you catch any Manchester students summer reading, send their photos and descriptions to

Quinn (Grade 5) from Webster was caught reading after a trip to the library today!

Eve (Grade 1) Webster - was caught reading outside!

This PV Panther was caught reading on the front porch !

Abby, 3rd grader at Weston Elementary, reading while on a train to Virginia to visit family.

Noah (Hillside -7th grader) was caught reading lakeside on Winnipesaukee on the 4th of July! 🇺🇸🎆🎇

Mackenzie from Weston elementary. Loves the new reading stairs at the library.

Addison (3rd grade) from Smyth Rd read to her foster puppy and he fell asleep both times.

Brady from Smyth Road reading in the car on his way to a BBQ.

James and his brother - Northwest Grade 4 taking a break from the pool and reading while Camping at Moose Hill Lock

Meghan (grade 2) from Smyth Rd School. Staying cool and reading after lunch on a very hot day!

Adriano (2nd Grade) from Parker-Varney School enjoying a good book! #Panthersread

Calla, a kindergarten graduate from Bakersville, read about gems and shared some facts at a 4th of July barbecue.

This is Julian, soon to be first grader at Parker Varney caught reading on the couch before bedtime!

Hayden was "caught reading" on the way home from The Bookmobile.

Tabatha, a preschool Panther from Parker-Varney was "caught reading".

Kyle (Entering Grade 8 McLaughlin Middle School) & his brother Ryan ( entering grade 5 Weston Elementary school) were "caught reading" while waiting at the dentist office

Callie (7th grader) has finished reading Warrior (cats) by Erin Hunter and has now picked up Summer Ball by Mike Lupica.

Tristan (4th grader at Wilson) loves to read his Dogman Books.

Lyric , 9, Smyth Road Elementary was "caught reading" outside!

Savon (Bakersville School) reading at the campfire at our camp.

Maddie, a first grader at Smyth Road, reading at the library! Good dress up choice today - Belle loves to read. :)

Connor, 7, from Highland Goffe’s Falls enjoys reading outside.

Liliana (8), will be in 3rd grade, reading to her little sister Adriana (6), who will be in 1st grade. They both go to Henry Wilson Elementary and they love to read every night ️

Chloe, age 11 (6th Grade Hillside), grabbing her book and going out to hang on the docked boat at her Grandparents’ lake house- catching some sunshine and catching up on her reading! :)

Antonio from Smyth Road School caught reading at the Bookery on Elm Street!

William, age 9 going to be a 4th grader at Northwest Elementary reading on vacation while waiting for a bus tour of Gettysburg.

Eoghan (going into 4th grade at Northwest) and his brother Sean (going into 6th grade at Parkside) diving into their new books they picked from the Bookmobile at Livingston Park.

It's never too early to start reading.

Mrs. Agate's son, Ryan, reading to her grandson, Nolan!

Look how engaged Nolan is!

William, age 7, going into 2nd grade at Jewett, enjoying a good book on a Saturday morning on the deck at home.

Sophie from Smyth Rd caught reading and showing us all the best way to relax on a Sunday morning.

This is Ethan from Smyth Road School who is going into grade 1. He found a great book at Livingston Park from the bookmobile.

Mckenzie from Wilson Elementary is excited at Barnes and Noble with her new book.

Andon, grade 3 at Northwest and Eshaya , grade 7 at Parkside were "caught reading" on the airplane .

Devin (7), a second grader from Weston, was "caught reading" to his little sister (4).

Students were "caught reading" during Summer Learning Academy.

Adriana (5th grade) was "caught reading" waiting for lunch.

Aiden, age 9, going into 4th grade at Gossler Park was "caught reading" while waiting for his pancakes at The Red Arrow diner.

Green Acres 4th grader Avery "caught reading" on a road trip to Moody Beach in Maine.

Eva , going into 4th grade at Northwest is almost done the entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. One of her favorite times to read is at bedtime and she often falls asleep while doing so.

Kyle a Southside 6th grader and Caitlin a 2nd grader from Highland reading while camping in Maine!

Emma is #Booked4Summer. She found a cozy corner at Barnes and Nobles to read in. She has been very interested in Non-Fiction books and learning about historical figures this summer.